West Village Nursery School

Co-op School Founded in 1962

Our Programs

2s Class – Parent Workshop

The 2s Class / Parent Workshop meets twice a week and is designed to encourage social skills, build friendships and introduce the two-year-olds to age-appropriate materials.  There are two groups, each limited to seven or eight children, meeting either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday afternoons from 1:00PM to 2:30PM.

Separation is not an issue because the parent stays for the whole session.  Two teachers supervise play and group activities, while parents are close by in another part of the room.  An important component of the workshop is involving the parents in weekly discussions facilitated by an experienced WVNS staff member on various developmental subjects that interest and concern the group.  Should it be necessary, caregivers may attend, but only on non-discussion days.

As the children are busy learning to be solid members of a classroom community, a parallel process develops for their parents during weekly discussion groups covering various developmental subjects that interest and concern the group.  The staff member who serves as the discussion leader provides a broader picture by helping to put children’s behavior into a developmental perspective.  Parents discover how much they have in common as they share the ups and downs of child rearing. They give support to each other and develop close bonds.