West Village Nursery School

Co-op School Founded in 1962

Our Programs

Our Programs

Educational Philosophy

It is important to us that children like school and that they see school as a place designed for them to be with friends and to take part in interesting and stimulating activities.  Young children are active learners.  Through self-directed play, they test out, organize and integrate new information, ideas and concepts.

Our goal is to help each child feel increasingly capable, willing, and eager to explore ideas, to practice newly emerging skills and to gain the satisfaction that comes from being part of a group.

A curriculum is planned for each group that includes art, dramatic play, block building, cooking, outdoor play and music and movement (led by a music specialist).  Based on the children’s interests and abilities, themes are developed that incorporate the skills that form a basis for reading and math.

We adhere to a development-oriented approach to learning that makes the child’s interests and capabilities the starting point of education.  This outlook, called “developmental-interaction,” is also known as the “Bank Street approach.”  It is a point of view that supports the growth of the whole child in all the domains: social, emotional, physical, cognitive and moral.

We believe that nursery school is an important stepping-stone along the path toward independence.  Children gain self-confidence in their first school environment when there is respect for their individual differences in temperament, learning styles and rates of growth.  Children learn from experience. They learn from each other, and they learn through play.